We, owners of the website, are named April and Anya. This website has the goal to informe people about the paranormal world and its many branches. Please notice that the English version of this website is actually under construction.

Both owners of this website once confronted, since their childhood, paranormal phenomenon. April was born from a woman who could see and interact with the deceased. She grew up in a community who strongly believed in spirits and ghosts. April was born with a natural talent for interaction with the dead, but her most incredible capacity is her vision. Indeed, April can easily see people’s aura, when she wants to. She did a lot of research on that phenomenon.

As for Anya, she left Russia with her mother when she was two years old. Indeed, her mother was called “witch” and received many threats from people back in her Siberian small town. Anya grew up between Montreal, where her father moved, and Ireland, where her mother moved after Russia. She now lives alone in Montreal, while both her parents moved to Anchorage, in Alaska.  Her mother was a seer. She always had deep visions and long trance, since she was a kind of “door” to the human world. Anya’s paternal grandmother used to easily communicate with the deceased. Anya inherited the vision gift of her mother and the communication gift of her babushka. Since then, she has been confronted to spirits a lot of times.

We both decided to share our knowledge about spirits and paranormal to people outside our community.

There are a lot of sections at our website: ghosts, spirits, how to communicate with them, auras, visions, everything related to the paranormal world, in the limit of our knowledge.

We would like to mention that this website is our personal website. It does not do publicity for any company or service. We will never ask you to pay for services or information. Publicities are added by our server in order to keep our website free of any fees.

If you have any questions, please contact us at april.c@hotmail.fr.

Thanks a lot and use you wisdom wisely!

April Chorette and Anya Mariinsky



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