Alaska, here we come!

Oh yeah! We are leaving in a few hours for Anchorage, Alaska, in order to meet a community who takes interest in paranormal activities and who developped an interesting theroy about spirits and the other world. We will spend a few days in Anchorage, at Anya's parents house, and then we will move to Seward, not to far from Anchorage, where we will meet some of the members of the community. We'll then go back to Anchorage to meet the rest of the group, who comes from as far as the North pole, Kotzebue or King Cove! It will be an incredibly interresting experience. We will return in Montreal on August 14th. Until then, we won't be able to answer our emails or commentaries or publish any new stuff. You guys will have to wait to have new informations about paranormal.

SPOILER ALERT: a new article about the spirits might be coming, a few days after we return! We will have so much to tell!

Be great!

Anya and April xox

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