What is a ghost?


We would be so happy to tell you that ghosts are happy people living next to the mortal people!

Unfortunately, it is not the case. When someone dies, its spirit, its very own essence, is unleashed from its anchor (the body). Normally, the spirit (or soul) of the deceased will go to the “Other World”, or “Other Side”, whatever you like to call it.

That is what usually happens. Halas, sometimes, a released spirit might get lost in the way to the “light”. This spirit stays between the two worlds, invisible for normal humans, but still there. Sometimes, they are just to shocked by their death to move on (happens a lot in case of sudden death, like accidents or fatal sickness). Sometimes, they have the feeling that they haven’t done everything right, or that something/someone needs help. This act as an anchor and keeps them from the light.

According to many books and movies, ghosts have magic powers. They can make things move and fly, and they can scream and appear during gloomy nights, etc. That is not true. Only poltergeists can make things move, not every ghosts. But we’ll see about poltergeists later.

Normally, ghosts simply “haunt” the place where they died, or the places they often went at when they were still alive. But not so often, some persons, more sensitive to Psi-Gamma vibrations, feel the presence of the ghost. They can also summon them, using different support.

Those peoples, called medium or psychic, must try to help ghosts on their journey to the light. They must support them until they finally find their way.

To summarize things up, a ghost is an entity that is, most of the time, good. It is dead, but was misguided on the way back to the origins.

We hope that helped you understand ghosts better,

April C and Anya M

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