Rosemary Brown, the medium musician

Medium musicians are what we commonly call medium artists. Those people do automatic movements that result in incredible art. This art is done by the hand of the person, but with the will and the talent of the spirit. British Rosemary Brown might be one of the most interesting cases of medium artist.

One evening of 1964 fall, tired Rosemary sits at her piano, with the intention of playing a few popular pieces, in order to relax herself. Suddenly, even though she is a mediocre pianist, knowing about nothing of music technics, she feels her hands running on the piano with an incredible virtuosity.

“I played”, she later told, “without knowing what I was doing. It was as if my hands were borrowed by a stranger.”

Then she remembered that, when she was about seven, a smiling old man had appeared to her. He promised her that, when she would be adult, she would play grand and beautiful music. She associated this apparition with Franz Liszt.

Since 1964, those musical possessions continued. She even played Brahms, Chopin, Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Debussy, Schumann… Even more stunning: according to witness, Rosemary Brown would have known in their wholeness some pieces that musicians left unfinished.

Thanks to “zefira”, who made us discover this story.

April Chorette and Anya Mariinsky


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